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International auxiliary languages

As a conlanger, I also show some interest in the other kind of conlanging: international auxiliary languages, or IALs in short. The idea of adopting a neutral IAL is an intriguing one. No doubt it would benefit trade, diplomatic relations, science and tourism if everybody could converse with everybody else in a single language. One may argue that an existing (ethnic) language may do the job (and it currently seems that English is about to win the race); nevertheless, many artificial languages have been proposed on the ground that only an artificial language can be both easy to learn and neutral in the sense of putting no nation at an advantage or disadvantage. (The criterion of neutrality would also be fulfilled by Latin, which, however, has the disadvantage of a rather complex grammar that makes it difficult to learn; there have indeed been several proposals to adopt a simplified version of Latin as an IAL.)

Of the various IALs that have been proposed so far, Esperanto has by far the largest community of speakers. There are, however, several others with small communities of users; and even Esperanto doesn't get anywhere near the popularity of English.


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